Gratitude to changing your life – days 1 – 7

gratitude diarySo far we have looked at all the tools available to us to help us to move forwards with our lives, leave the past behind and starting enjoying the present. It is now time to put some of the tools into practice, so over the coming 60 days we will be working with these tools and seeing what works best for us and how incorporating a few easy steps can make us feel happier, grateful, less stressed and able to live in the present.

Now is a good time to start a journal to keep track of your progress. I find it helpful looking back at how you were feeling the previous month and how far you have come in such a short time.

So here are this weeks steps, a day at a time, incorporate as many of these steps in your week as possible and keep a record of how they made you feel as you completed them.

Day 1

Get your journal and decorate it if you wish.

Day 2

Write in your journal 10+ things you were grateful for today. You can add how they made you feel, why you were grateful for them or any other information you would like to add. This step should be completed everyday.

Day 3

When someone around you does something for you, thank them and add a compliment. This will brighten someone elses day and you will also feel good. Eg, Thanks for the coffee, that jumper suits you and  brings out the colour in your eyes.

Day 4

Get in the habit of saying thank you every time you feel grateful, you can just say it in your head or write it down.

Day 5

Today we are going to be grateful for our self- confidence, whether we are confident or not. Write an affirmation that resonates with you and repeat as many times a day as you can. Eg I am grateful that i am confident and bold.

Day 6

Believing in yourself – Have faith in yourself that you can change anything you wish too. By having the belief in yourself that you can overcome your fears and worries. You can use an affirmation if you would like to i.e . I can do anything I want to, I am grateful that i believe in myself.

Please feel free to leave any comments or experiences below. I will be back next week with day 7 – 13.

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