Angels and Spirit Guides

I thought i would discuss the differences between angels and guides.

Angels are beings of light and have never been incarnated on this earth plane. Spirit guides on the other hand have been re-incarnated many times. Spirit guides and Angels vibrate on different frequencies, angels vibrating on a much higher level than guides.


You will know when your angels are around you as their energy is so loving and gentle and they never tell you what to do, they just give guidance as they know we have free will. They are pure love and bring us only what will help and guide us. Some of your angels have been with you since your birth ie guardian angels and they will be with you until it is your time to leave this earth. Other angels will come in when you ask them to, or when you need help and guidance for a particular thing. You can call on these angels at any time and they will be with you.

Spirit guides are the souls of people who have left the earth and have received special training to become spirit guides. Whilst in training they are taught to also offer us love, guidance  and comfort. They can not make decisions for us or interfere with our free will. Spirit guides are usually either deceased loved ones like grandparents or if we need help with something particular a spirit guide with knowledge in that area will come in. Spirit guides can enter and leave our lives as we need them.


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