Angels and their jobs

angelsAs we know there are literally thousands of angels all of who have specific jobs to do. Although we have our guardian angles very close at all times we can also call on these additional angels at anytime for their help. Like people, angels have their specialties so you can ask for the ones best qualified to help with a particular situation or call upon the group of specialist angels. These angels never mind you calling on them for help, they are never too busy to help you and no request is too big or too small, they are happy to help. I would also like to point out that by asking for an angels help you are not taking that help away from someone else, they can help many people all at the same time, so don’t be afraid to ask.

So lets have a look at some of the specialist groups of angels.

Romance angels

These cherub like angels can help relationships in many ways including:           bringing people together, including helping you get ready to meet your soul mate by offering you help and guidance and then helping you meet them. They can help with troubled relationships by helping to ease the problems and add fun and passion back in to the relationship. They can also help bring a little romance into happy relationships where all that is missing is a little romance. Just ask for their help and see what happens, be prepared to be amazed.

Driving and parking angels

These are one of my favorite groups of angels, who have never let me down. When you first start to work with angels and invite them into your life i always suggest you talk to the parking angel. On your way to the shops ask the angel to help you find a parking space close to the store, you can visualize the space you would like if you want to, as you pull in to the car park be prepared to pull in to the space you wanted, it works every time. These angels will also help you arrive at your destination safely and on time.

Fitness angels

This group of angels can help you find the motivation you need to live a healthy life, they can motivate you to keep up your fitness regime and help you find the right exercise for you to help you keep your body fit. They can also help with eating the right foods and stop cravings.

Abundance Angels

This group of angels can help you with finances in amazing ways, they can leave coins for you to find to let you know they are with you, they can help with financial windfalls, making the right career moves at the right time, helping with financial decisions and giving your career a boost.

Moving Angels

This group of angels can help with moving house, they can help you sell or rent your old house, find the perfect new house, help with financing the new house, reduce stress and protect your possessions whilst you move .

Healing Angels

This group of angels can help healing in many different ways. This group is led by Arch Angel Raphael, who we will be looking at in more detail later. These angels can help with health worries, releasing stress, send healing energy to the sick and help healers to name but a few.

I have listed just a few of the groups of angels you can call on for help. Some others include:

Nature angels – they will help with anything to do with nature.

Shopping angels – they will help you save time and money and guide you to the perfect gifts.

Lost item angels – just ask them for help with items you have lost and they will be found.

Angels of protection – these angels can be called on to protect the things you love and want to protect including family, friends, house, car etc.

The Angel repair team – led by Arch Angel Micheal this team of angels can do wonders with faulty electrical and mechanical items. The next time you have car or computer problems, call them in for some help.

There are litrally thousands of angels you can call on, so here are some more for you.

angel of beauty, angel of optimism, angel of direction and purpose, angel of believe and trust, angel of love and self love, angel of cleanliness, angel of creativity, angel of prosperity, angel of knowledge, angel of patients, angel of marriage, angel of new beginnings, angel of forgiveness. These are just a few angels.

You can ask for any of these angels to help you at any time, just clear your mind and ask them to help for example if  you have lost something, either in your mind or out loud say dear angels please can you help me find my keys. You may get a sudden knowing of where to look or where you last had them, you may even get a voice in your head telling you where to look or a picture in your mind.

We will have a look in more detail at working with these angels a little later and i will show you how to connect to them to get the best help from them and ideas on how you can bring angels help into your everyday life.

We are going to look at Arch angels next starting with the four best know, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel.


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