Archangel Michael

Archangel MichaelArchangel Michael is probably one of the best known archangels, some consider him to be the leader of the archangels, he is often seen as a man with a sword  and a shield or lance in his hand and is know as the warrior angel. Archangel Michael is the angel of protection, courage, strength, truth and integrity. He is always ready with his army of angels to assist anyone that calls upon him.With his sword, he can cut the ties that bind us to unhealthy people or things in our lives that we no longer need. Call on Michael for protection, releasing fear, doubt and negativity, and for strength and illumination. He is also called upon for prosperity and abundance. You can also call upon Archangel Michael to help fix anything mechanical or electrical.

Archangel Michael is one of the tallest archangels and he speaks to us with a strong, deep voice and no nonsense approach, he gets straight to the point. His name means ‘who is like god’ . Michael oversees the weather, agriculture (crops) and the entire natural world. .

Archangel Michael is ruled by the Sun and the element of fire. His direction is the South, his season is summer and his day is Sunday. His flower is the Marigold and he rules over the zodiac signs of Leo, Sagittarius and Aries.

Archangel Michael’s colors include gold, yellow, orange and cobalt blue .

Scents associated with Archangel Michael are chamomile, frankincense, rosemary and sage.

The crystals linked to Archangel Michael are Sugilite, Tigers eye, Aquamarine, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Amber, Golden Topaz and Clear Quartz

When to call on Archangel Michael


Archangel Michael  protects us both physically, emotionally and psychically, you can call on him for help with any situation where you feel you need his protection. Here are just a few situations to give you an idea.

  • your car breaks down at night and you feel your safety it at risk (you can also ask him to fix the car as well as protect you).
  • anytime you feel unsafe
  • if you are going on a long car journey
  • if you feel you and your family need protection you can ask him to put a cloak of protection on you all.
  • if you are under psychic attack
  • if you are being abused

If you feel you are bound to someone else, for example an ex-partner and that person wont let you go, you can ask Michael to cut the cords and binds that keep you together. This can also work if you have spent time with someone needed and they are attached to your energy, you can ask Michael to cut the cords.


Archangel Michael give us the courage to face any situation, no matter how big or small. Here are some ideas on the things you can ask Archangel Michael for help with.

  • if you have an addiction.
  • if you wish to change your life direction.
  • if you are under mental strain.
  • if you feel that life is not worth living.
  • if you need to make big changes in your life (job, career, family, relationships etc) he will give you the courage to take the steps need to make the change.

Truth and integrity

Archangel Michael helps us be who we really are, he helps us be true to ourselves, what we believe in and our true nature without compromising our integrity. Here are some ideas on how he can help us.

  • if  you are in denial about anything and you are unable to accept the truth.
  • if you find it hard to tell the truth.
  • if you are in a relationship that is not in your best interest and find it hard to accept.
  • if you go along with what others say or tell you to do because you can’t be honest about how you feel.

These are just a very few ideas of how Archangel Michael can help you. Don’t worry about calling on Archangel Michael for help, he is always there ready and waiting to help us, by calling on him you will not be stopping him from helping someone else, he can help many people all at the same time.

Some ideas on how to call upon Archangel Michael,

Sit down in a quiet space or by your angel altar, with your eyes closed and clear your mind, take some deep breaths to relax you, when you feel calm and relaxed try one of the following affirmations, repeat it 3 times.

  • Archangel Michael, protect me from all harm.
  • Archangel Michael, give me the courage to deal with this situation.
  • Archangel Michael, please cut the cords and binds that attach me to  ………
  • Archangel Michael, please help me.

These are just a few ideas, please feel free to make your own. The more you use these affirmations on a regular basis the easier it will become to connect with Archangel Michael. Just wait and see what happens. Some people experience immediate results, for others it may take a little while, be patient.


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