Gratitude to changing your life – day 14 -20

We are now on week three of our daily gratitude to changing our lives. How have you all been getting on?

gratitude to changing your life

This week we are going to look at more specific things like health and relationships. As we learnt earlier in the series we can use gratitude to attract the things we want, so if health ins’t how you would like it now, affirm it how you would like it to be, same with relationships, money, job etc etc.

Day 14

Be thankful for your health. Say thank you that you are fit and healthy and that every cell in your body is perfect. Thank your arms and legs, senses, brain and every part of your body for working efficiently.
Day 15

Have a fantastic day. When you wake up thank for universe for a fantastic day. Visualise the things you have to do that day, see each appointment, client, event going well and say thank you.
Day 16
Look at relationships around you, is there a relationship that isn’t all it could be or problematic. List 10 things that you are grateful for about that person. Now this maybe a bit tricky, especially if you are feeling hurt or angry, but it is well worth it! When you have written your list imagine the person standing in front of you and read it out.

Day 17

Forgive yourself – Forgive yourself for anything you feel is not helping you to live in the present moment. It could be anything from not loving yourself, not being patient in a certain situation, not letting go of the past etc. When we forgive we let go of anger, resentment, hurt and we allow love back into our lives.

Day 18

Love yourself. Look in the mirror and thank yourself for being you. Say thank you for your beautiful eyes, hair and smile, your personality and your confidence. Thank everything about yourself. Do this every time you pass a mirror.

Day 19

What do you want to achieve this week? Write of list of things that you would like to do this. Include the jobs that need doing, time for yourself, time with your partner, job or house hunting, study etc. As you Please comment below and share with your friends.

Day 20

Be thankful for everything that you take for granted everyday. The air you breathe, water, food, gas, electric, tv, public transport etc.
Please comment below and share with your friends.

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