Guardian Angels

guardian angelAs we have already discussed our guardian angels are with us from the minute we are born and will stay with us until we die. Our guardian angels are assigned to us to help us, guide and love us. They cannot interfere in our lives as we have free will, they can only try to help us.  They will not stop us from making mistakes and they will not live our lives for us as we will only grow stronger through learning valuable lessons on our journey. Our guardian Angels can only help us when we ask for their help and they will only show us the answers when we are ready to receive them unless we are in danger. I have read many stories about people’s lives being saved by angels. When our life is in danger our guardian angel can step in to save us and they can do this in many ways, it could be that you have a feeling to go a different way to work and when you get there you hear from a colleague that there was a terrible accident and had you gone that way you would have been involved, or a voice in your head says stop or brake and as you come to a stop a car pulls out in front of you, had you not stopped you would have hit him head on. So if we are in danger our angels will try to warn us and protect us, but we must start to listen to our intuition and gut instincts as this is how our angels connect with us.

Everyone has a guardian angel, including all the people who spend their lives causing others distress and harm. These people don’t listen to their angels and don’t wish for there help to turn their lives around. Angels will never stop loving us, no matter what we do and they always want what is best for us.

If we wish to connect with our angels more we must learn to be open to them communicating with us and listen to what they are telling us. If we ask the angels for their help they do like us to listen to what they are saying and to follow the advice they give to us as they will only guide you to what is best for you.

I will be writing some practical lessons on how to connect to your and angels and guides a bit later on.


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