Talking to Angels

Talking to Angels

There are literally thousands of angels and each angel has a specific job to do to help us.  Apart from our guardian angel, who we will talk about a bit later, the rest of the angels come to us when we need help with certain things and are with us for as long as we need them. You can connect with these angels at anytime by just calling them and asking them to help, just speak to them in your mind or out loud and they will hear you. They will respond to you when the timing is right for you to receive whatever help you have asked for, this is called divine timing. So you could receive answers in a few minutes, days or weeks, whenever they feel you are ready.

Calling upon your angels

There are many ways you can connect with your angels, none of which is right or wrong, the more you work with your angels the more you will know what works best for you. So lets have a look at some of the ways you can connect.


This is great method when you are first starting out as your body is relaxed and your ego is also relaxed making contact easier. There are many good guided meditations available and this is also a good way to get to know your guardian angel. The more you meditate and get used to being in a relaxed state the more receptive you will be to the angels energy and vibration around you and you will know when angels are close.

Through speach

You can just speak to your angels as if you were speaking to someone in the room with you. They will always hear you and will always answer you when the time is right.

Through writing

you can also write your questions to your angels in a journal, this is a very powerful way to connect with them and of course you have a record of the questions you have asked them.


you can also speak to them through your mind or silently, they will hear your thoughts and answer them. This is great when you are in a room full of people and you really need their guidance.

All of these ways of communication are as good as the other and the more you experiment with them you will find what works best for you. You will also find that different methods are sometimes required depending what you are doing when you need their help. If you can and your situation allows it, it is always nice to calm your mind and light a candle before communicating with your angels, it is not absolutely necessary  but it helps calm the mind and occupies the ego so the ego doesn’t interfere and start questioning what you are doing and putting doubt in your mind.

How the angels answer us

The answers we receive from our angels can take many forms and they will keep repeating them until we understand them, generally they will repeat things 3 times, but dont worry if you dont get the message they will keep repeating until you do. Things we see as coincidence are messages from our angels, so lets say you keep seeing a number pattern come up like 11:11 lets say you see it on a clock, then a car no plate and then on the radio, this is the angels getting messages to you. Lets say you have asked the angels a question and you are waiting for a reply, make sure you keep your ears and eyes open to receiving the answers, you may keep hearing the same song on the radio, there will be a line in the song with the answer, you may read the paper and the answer will be there or you may overhear a conversation etc etc.  Angels can get through in many ways and have a good sense of humor so expect the answer to come in mysterious ways.

If you have asked the angels for help with people coming into your life, you may just find they appear from nowhere but you almost know them and hit it off instantly. If you need help in the short term from someone they may be in your life for a short while and disappear as quickly as they arrived, sometimes these people are know as earth angels who came in your time of need and left when you no longer needed them.

There really are many ways the angels can send us answers to our questions, just be open to receiving the answers. You may just have a knowing that answers your question, this is clairsentience, you may even hear voices answering you, this is clairaudiance , you may receive pictures in your mind, this is clairvoyance,  we will look at the clairs in more detail later. They may also visit you in your dreams which we will also look at in more detail.

Later on in the series i will add some exercises, meditations and journaling ideas to help you connect with your angels.


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