The Archangels


The archangels are the angels closest to earth and are the managers of guardian angels and they are one of the 9 choirs of angles. They are much larger and more powerful than angels. Each of the archangels has a special job to do, they are an expert in their field.  The archangels do not have earthly bodies and do not have genders although their characteristics and specialties can give their energies either male or female personas.  Is not know exactly how many archangels there are but we will look at some of the better known archangels a bit later.

The word archangel is derived from the Greek word archi which means first, principle or cheif and angelos which means messenger of God, so the archangels are the principle messengers of God.

Archangels can be called on at anytime and can help many people simultaneously. So never worry about calling the archangels to help they are never too busy and nothing is to trivial for them, they are waiting for you to call on them for their help and guidance.

As archangels and guardian angels do not have physical bodies they will appear to us in the form we expect to see them, that is, if we expect to see them as beautiful angels with human bodies, wings and halos that is how they will present themselves to us. They would never want to scare us and will only show themselves if they believe we are ready to see them. That is not to say they are not around us, they will communicate with us in different ways. You may see them as flashes of coloured lights around you, each of the colours relating to a different angel, or a bright white light. They may communicate though your thoughts and ideas, your intuition and gut feelings, you may even hear them speak, or feel their presents around you, you may feel a hug or change of temperature when they are around. Just because you dont physically see them with your eyes does not mean they are not there, it may just mean your not ready to see them yet.

So lets have a look at these amazing celestial beings in more detail. we will start with Archangel Michael.


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