The Orders of Angels

angelsIt is said that there are 9 groups of Angels called choirs, which are split into different triads of Angels. Each choir of Angels have a different role to fulfill. Let have a look at these in more detail.

1st Triad


These are the Angels closest to God and the highest order of the Angels, they are said to be shinning bright.  Seraphim are highly evolved beings and are thought to surround God’s throne and sing his praises.

Saraphim balance the planets, stars and the heavens using sound.


The cherubim are the guardians of light which comes from the moon, sun and stars and are usually portrayed as chubby children with wings (cupid) although they are not. They are the the 2nd highest order of Angels and are know as the record keepers of heaven and their name means ‘one who prays’. They are pure love.


The thrones are the 3rd order of the Angels and it is their job to guard the planets, each planet has its own thrones, ours being the earth Angel. The Thrones are know as the ‘many eyed ones’. Thrones are the bridge between spiritual and material and represent Gods fairness and justice.

2nd Triad


Dominions are the highest group of Angels in the 2nd Triad. This choir of Angels are the overseers of the Angels who are not as evolved as they are. It is their job to advice these Angels according to Gods will.


Virtues are the 5th ranking order of Angels and are often referred to as the ‘shinning ones’. The are thought to be the angels of miracles and blessings. Virtues also govern the universe and watch over all the planets, sun, moon and stars.


Powers are thought to be the keeps of the Akashic records ( the records of a souls journey including thoughts, feelings, word and deed is registered) and are the 6th order of angels. The Powers help protect our souls from evil and are peaceful warriors.

3rd Triad

The 3rd triad of angels are the angels that are closest to earth.


Principalities are the overseers of large groups and organizations as well as cities and nations and leaders. They are the 7th order of Angels.

Arch Angels

Arch Angels are probably the best know of all the Angels and are 7th in the order of Angels. The Arch Angels are the overseers of mankind and of our guardian angels. Each of the Arch Angels has a specialty which we will look at in more detail later. There are lots of Arch Angels but probably the best known are Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael.


The 9th order of Angels are the closest to humans, this group is made up of hundreds of different Angels and includes guardian Angels. There are many different angels available to help us including the Angel of Love, Angel of Romance, Angel of beauty etc. Each Angel has a specialty and can be called on at anytime for help.

We will look at these Angles in more detail.


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