You don’t need to be religious to work with angels

Angles and Religion


I wanted to make it very clear that although Angels feature in many religious texts including the bible, the Qur’an, the Kabalah and other religious texts that you do not need to follow any religious believes to work with or hear or see angels. Angels are non-denominational and are happy to work with anyone that calls upon them for help and guidance.

Angels will work with you sending their love and guidance whether you are atheist, Catholic, Buddhist,  Jewish, Christian, Spiritual etc, they really don’t mind what your belief system is.

So lets have a look through religious history to see where Angels have shown up(we will look at angels in history a bit later). Throughout history Angels have appeared in many different forms including as winged creatures, humans and spirits.

The Bible

Angels appeared first appeared in the bible in the book of Genesis but probably the most remembered story is the Angel Gabriel visiting Mary to tell her of the arrival of the Son of God. There are many other mentions of Angels, up to about 300, throughout both the new and old testaments. Angels were very present throughout the life of Jesus from his birth to his assention in the new testament.

The Qur’an

Angels are very present in the Islamic tradition one such story is that the prophet  Mohammed was visited by Arch Angel Gabriel where he was told that the angels were mediums between heaven and earth.


Buddhists don’t believe in one creator they believe in reincarnation but Angels are still present and are called bodhisattvas.

Shamanic Traditions

in shamanic cultures Angels are seen as mystical birds, but they can also show in human form.

As you can see Angels have appeared in many different believe systems and i haven’t gone into too much detail here as you can find out more about the history of angels within your own believe system. Whatever your belief system is you can work with these loving celestial beings to bring joy, love and happiness into your life, but remember we have free will and they will not step in unless you ask them too.


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