Italy, Us and the Earthquake!

90923360_quakemap-14 weeks ago my family and I moved to Montappone, Marche, Central Italy to our dream home, well I say dream home, we have a lot of work to do!
Yesterday in the early hours of the morning my Daughter and I were woken up to the house shaking, plaster and rubble falling from the ceiling and the most awful noise. We were completely alone, our nearest neighbour is about a 5 min drive away and my partner was in the UK.
We ran outside, in complete shock, was that an earthquake?? What on earth do we do now! We just sat in the garden not knowing what to do, I decided it would be a good idea to move the car in case we needed to stay in it, it was under a massive walnut tree.
Then the aftershocks started to hit, they were no where near as bad but the fear they were going to be big ones was terrifying us.
As daylight broke we decided to go into my daughter’s room as it is in the one story part of the house to try to get some sleep, but the odd aftershocks were still coming. The last aftershock we felt was at 5.17am this morning, 15 hours after the initial earthquake.
Aftershocks are still happening at this time across central Italy. A complete town has been wiped out. Two other towns have been virtually demolished.  The casualties so far are 250 dead and over 300 injured, many people are still missing. The death toll is still rising. Hundreds of people have lost their homes, friends and families.
I will be donating 20% of all my readings/coaching to the relief effort in Italy, to help provide shelter and food to the survivors of this awful earthquake.

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