Dream journaling


We all dream every night but many of us only remember little snippets of our dreams. During our sleep time our conscious mind or ego is switched off, making it easier for guidance to come through.

Keeping a dream journal is an excellent way to record and remember your dreams and the guidance you are receiving. Keep your journal by your bedside so that you can write in it as soon as you wake; as this will give you the most chance of remembering bits from your dreams. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense now, it will do at a later date, when you have more information. Any information no matter how irrelevant it may seem is worth writing down!

How to keep a Dream journal

Date your dream and then write down everything that you can remember. Write everything in the present tense.

Identify dream themes. Think about the location, characters, sensations, sounds, objects and emotions of the dream and how the dream made you feel.

You may then want to analyse the themes and fully interpret your dream. Otherwise, continue to write down all the memorable details in your dream journal.

Don’t worry about spelling, punctuation and grammar. As long as you can read it back later and it makes sense to you then it is fine.

Sketch any strong images from the dream. It doesn’t matter if you’re not an artist. A sketch is just to help you visualise the dream later on.

When you have finished, jot down any major events that are going on in your life at the moment so that you can link your dreams to reality.

Give the dream a title as this will make it easier for you to look back on.

Personalise your journal, add pictures, drawings etc. make it special to you.

Every now and then have a look through what you have written in your journal and see if there is a pattern emerging or if some of the dreams are now making sense. As we know our angels provide messages and guidance whilst we are in a dream state as then our ego can’t interfere whilst we are sleeping. This guidance is important; as we dream the same or similar dreams when getting guidance and they will keep happening until we understand the message we are being given. 

We can also ask our angels, guides and loved ones to visit us in our dreams and give us answers and guidance. You can try saying the following just before you fall asleep or you can write it in your journal so that you have a record of the questions you have asked. You can address your question to angels, your guardian angel, guides or loved ones i.e. Archangel Michael or your Nan.

“Dear angels, whilst I am sleeping tonight please could you give me messages or guidance about my work situation, thank you.”

“Dear angels, please can you help me remember my dreams in the morning when I wake. Thank you.”

This is a lovely record to keep, so get a pretty notebook or decorate one yourself.


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Angels and their jobs

angelsAs we know there are literally thousands of angels all of who have specific jobs to do. Although we have our guardian angles very close at all times we can also call on these additional angels at anytime for their help. Like people, angels have their specialties so you can ask for the ones best qualified to help with a particular situation or call upon the group of specialist angels. These angels never mind you calling on them for help, they are never too busy to help you and no request is too big or too small, they are happy to help. I would also like to point out that by asking for an angels help you are not taking that help away from someone else, they can help many people all at the same time, so don’t be afraid to ask.

So lets have a look at some of the specialist groups of angels.

Romance angels

These cherub like angels can help relationships in many ways including:           bringing people together, including helping you get ready to meet your soul mate by offering you help and guidance and then helping you meet them. They can help with troubled relationships by helping to ease the problems and add fun and passion back in to the relationship. They can also help bring a little romance into happy relationships where all that is missing is a little romance. Just ask for their help and see what happens, be prepared to be amazed.

Driving and parking angels

These are one of my favorite groups of angels, who have never let me down. When you first start to work with angels and invite them into your life i always suggest you talk to the parking angel. On your way to the shops ask the angel to help you find a parking space close to the store, you can visualize the space you would like if you want to, as you pull in to the car park be prepared to pull in to the space you wanted, it works every time. These angels will also help you arrive at your destination safely and on time.

Fitness angels

This group of angels can help you find the motivation you need to live a healthy life, they can motivate you to keep up your fitness regime and help you find the right exercise for you to help you keep your body fit. They can also help with eating the right foods and stop cravings.

Abundance Angels

This group of angels can help you with finances in amazing ways, they can leave coins for you to find to let you know they are with you, they can help with financial windfalls, making the right career moves at the right time, helping with financial decisions and giving your career a boost.

Moving Angels

This group of angels can help with moving house, they can help you sell or rent your old house, find the perfect new house, help with financing the new house, reduce stress and protect your possessions whilst you move .

Healing Angels

This group of angels can help healing in many different ways. This group is led by Arch Angel Raphael, who we will be looking at in more detail later. These angels can help with health worries, releasing stress, send healing energy to the sick and help healers to name but a few.

I have listed just a few of the groups of angels you can call on for help. Some others include:

Nature angels – they will help with anything to do with nature.

Shopping angels – they will help you save time and money and guide you to the perfect gifts.

Lost item angels – just ask them for help with items you have lost and they will be found.

Angels of protection – these angels can be called on to protect the things you love and want to protect including family, friends, house, car etc.

The Angel repair team – led by Arch Angel Micheal this team of angels can do wonders with faulty electrical and mechanical items. The next time you have car or computer problems, call them in for some help.

There are litrally thousands of angels you can call on, so here are some more for you.

angel of beauty, angel of optimism, angel of direction and purpose, angel of believe and trust, angel of love and self love, angel of cleanliness, angel of creativity, angel of prosperity, angel of knowledge, angel of patients, angel of marriage, angel of new beginnings, angel of forgiveness. These are just a few angels.

You can ask for any of these angels to help you at any time, just clear your mind and ask them to help for example if  you have lost something, either in your mind or out loud say dear angels please can you help me find my keys. You may get a sudden knowing of where to look or where you last had them, you may even get a voice in your head telling you where to look or a picture in your mind.

We will have a look in more detail at working with these angels a little later and i will show you how to connect to them to get the best help from them and ideas on how you can bring angels help into your everyday life.

We are going to look at Arch angels next starting with the four best know, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel.

Guardian Angels

guardian angelAs we have already discussed our guardian angels are with us from the minute we are born and will stay with us until we die. Our guardian angels are assigned to us to help us, guide and love us. They cannot interfere in our lives as we have free will, they can only try to help us.  They will not stop us from making mistakes and they will not live our lives for us as we will only grow stronger through learning valuable lessons on our journey. Our guardian Angels can only help us when we ask for their help and they will only show us the answers when we are ready to receive them unless we are in danger. I have read many stories about people’s lives being saved by angels. When our life is in danger our guardian angel can step in to save us and they can do this in many ways, it could be that you have a feeling to go a different way to work and when you get there you hear from a colleague that there was a terrible accident and had you gone that way you would have been involved, or a voice in your head says stop or brake and as you come to a stop a car pulls out in front of you, had you not stopped you would have hit him head on. So if we are in danger our angels will try to warn us and protect us, but we must start to listen to our intuition and gut instincts as this is how our angels connect with us.

Everyone has a guardian angel, including all the people who spend their lives causing others distress and harm. These people don’t listen to their angels and don’t wish for there help to turn their lives around. Angels will never stop loving us, no matter what we do and they always want what is best for us.

If we wish to connect with our angels more we must learn to be open to them communicating with us and listen to what they are telling us. If we ask the angels for their help they do like us to listen to what they are saying and to follow the advice they give to us as they will only guide you to what is best for you.

I will be writing some practical lessons on how to connect to your and angels and guides a bit later on.

Talking to Angels

Talking to Angels

There are literally thousands of angels and each angel has a specific job to do to help us.  Apart from our guardian angel, who we will talk about a bit later, the rest of the angels come to us when we need help with certain things and are with us for as long as we need them. You can connect with these angels at anytime by just calling them and asking them to help, just speak to them in your mind or out loud and they will hear you. They will respond to you when the timing is right for you to receive whatever help you have asked for, this is called divine timing. So you could receive answers in a few minutes, days or weeks, whenever they feel you are ready.

Calling upon your angels

There are many ways you can connect with your angels, none of which is right or wrong, the more you work with your angels the more you will know what works best for you. So lets have a look at some of the ways you can connect.


This is great method when you are first starting out as your body is relaxed and your ego is also relaxed making contact easier. There are many good guided meditations available and this is also a good way to get to know your guardian angel. The more you meditate and get used to being in a relaxed state the more receptive you will be to the angels energy and vibration around you and you will know when angels are close.

Through speach

You can just speak to your angels as if you were speaking to someone in the room with you. They will always hear you and will always answer you when the time is right.

Through writing

you can also write your questions to your angels in a journal, this is a very powerful way to connect with them and of course you have a record of the questions you have asked them.


you can also speak to them through your mind or silently, they will hear your thoughts and answer them. This is great when you are in a room full of people and you really need their guidance.

All of these ways of communication are as good as the other and the more you experiment with them you will find what works best for you. You will also find that different methods are sometimes required depending what you are doing when you need their help. If you can and your situation allows it, it is always nice to calm your mind and light a candle before communicating with your angels, it is not absolutely necessary  but it helps calm the mind and occupies the ego so the ego doesn’t interfere and start questioning what you are doing and putting doubt in your mind.

How the angels answer us

The answers we receive from our angels can take many forms and they will keep repeating them until we understand them, generally they will repeat things 3 times, but dont worry if you dont get the message they will keep repeating until you do. Things we see as coincidence are messages from our angels, so lets say you keep seeing a number pattern come up like 11:11 lets say you see it on a clock, then a car no plate and then on the radio, this is the angels getting messages to you. Lets say you have asked the angels a question and you are waiting for a reply, make sure you keep your ears and eyes open to receiving the answers, you may keep hearing the same song on the radio, there will be a line in the song with the answer, you may read the paper and the answer will be there or you may overhear a conversation etc etc.  Angels can get through in many ways and have a good sense of humor so expect the answer to come in mysterious ways.

If you have asked the angels for help with people coming into your life, you may just find they appear from nowhere but you almost know them and hit it off instantly. If you need help in the short term from someone they may be in your life for a short while and disappear as quickly as they arrived, sometimes these people are know as earth angels who came in your time of need and left when you no longer needed them.

There really are many ways the angels can send us answers to our questions, just be open to receiving the answers. You may just have a knowing that answers your question, this is clairsentience, you may even hear voices answering you, this is clairaudiance , you may receive pictures in your mind, this is clairvoyance,  we will look at the clairs in more detail later. They may also visit you in your dreams which we will also look at in more detail.

Later on in the series i will add some exercises, meditations and journaling ideas to help you connect with your angels.

Angels and Spirit Guides

I thought i would discuss the differences between angels and guides.

Angels are beings of light and have never been incarnated on this earth plane. Spirit guides on the other hand have been re-incarnated many times. Spirit guides and Angels vibrate on different frequencies, angels vibrating on a much higher level than guides.


You will know when your angels are around you as their energy is so loving and gentle and they never tell you what to do, they just give guidance as they know we have free will. They are pure love and bring us only what will help and guide us. Some of your angels have been with you since your birth ie guardian angels and they will be with you until it is your time to leave this earth. Other angels will come in when you ask them to, or when you need help and guidance for a particular thing. You can call on these angels at any time and they will be with you.

Spirit guides are the souls of people who have left the earth and have received special training to become spirit guides. Whilst in training they are taught to also offer us love, guidance  and comfort. They can not make decisions for us or interfere with our free will. Spirit guides are usually either deceased loved ones like grandparents or if we need help with something particular a spirit guide with knowledge in that area will come in. Spirit guides can enter and leave our lives as we need them.

The Orders of Angels

angelsIt is said that there are 9 groups of Angels called choirs, which are split into different triads of Angels. Each choir of Angels have a different role to fulfill. Let have a look at these in more detail.

1st Triad


These are the Angels closest to God and the highest order of the Angels, they are said to be shinning bright.  Seraphim are highly evolved beings and are thought to surround God’s throne and sing his praises.

Saraphim balance the planets, stars and the heavens using sound.


The cherubim are the guardians of light which comes from the moon, sun and stars and are usually portrayed as chubby children with wings (cupid) although they are not. They are the the 2nd highest order of Angels and are know as the record keepers of heaven and their name means ‘one who prays’. They are pure love.


The thrones are the 3rd order of the Angels and it is their job to guard the planets, each planet has its own thrones, ours being the earth Angel. The Thrones are know as the ‘many eyed ones’. Thrones are the bridge between spiritual and material and represent Gods fairness and justice.

2nd Triad


Dominions are the highest group of Angels in the 2nd Triad. This choir of Angels are the overseers of the Angels who are not as evolved as they are. It is their job to advice these Angels according to Gods will.


Virtues are the 5th ranking order of Angels and are often referred to as the ‘shinning ones’. The are thought to be the angels of miracles and blessings. Virtues also govern the universe and watch over all the planets, sun, moon and stars.


Powers are thought to be the keeps of the Akashic records ( the records of a souls journey including thoughts, feelings, word and deed is registered) and are the 6th order of angels. The Powers help protect our souls from evil and are peaceful warriors.

3rd Triad

The 3rd triad of angels are the angels that are closest to earth.


Principalities are the overseers of large groups and organizations as well as cities and nations and leaders. They are the 7th order of Angels.

Arch Angels

Arch Angels are probably the best know of all the Angels and are 7th in the order of Angels. The Arch Angels are the overseers of mankind and of our guardian angels. Each of the Arch Angels has a specialty which we will look at in more detail later. There are lots of Arch Angels but probably the best known are Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael.


The 9th order of Angels are the closest to humans, this group is made up of hundreds of different Angels and includes guardian Angels. There are many different angels available to help us including the Angel of Love, Angel of Romance, Angel of beauty etc. Each Angel has a specialty and can be called on at anytime for help.

We will look at these Angles in more detail.

The History of Angels


As we have already discussed Angels appear in many religious texts including the Bible and Qur’an. Angels also appear throughout history in artwork, paintings, films and stories as well as records of historic figures. So lets have a look at some of these in more detail.


Angel artwork is very easy to find as more and more people become interested in Angels. For example the Angel of the North sculpture at Gateshead, England, which is a metal statue that stands 20 meters high and has a wing span of 54 meters. In the 1980 cherubs became very popular and could be found on everything from wallpaper, wrapping paper, ornaments, paintings and pictures to name but a few. Angel paintings can also be found in stain glass windows and in paintings on walls in religious places like in the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral.

There are many famous painting available to view on line including Annunciation by leonardo da vinci. Over the centuries the representations of angels has changed considerably.

Film /Music

Hollywood has certainly caught on the Angel phenomena and produced some excellent films including Michael, played by John Travolta which is a story about a guardian Angel. There are of course  many movies about Angels, too many to mention here.

One of my all time favorite songs is Angels by Robbie Williams, a vary inspiring song that is often played at funerals and karaoke, a song i think will never go out of date.  Of courses there are many great songs about Angels including Angel of Harlem by U2. Its not just chart music that contains Angels, you will also find songs in country and western, classical and rock the genre is endless.

Historic Encounters

Throughout history there are reports and records of historic figures encounters with Angels. These Angels showed themselves in various forms from visions, voices and in human form. We will have a look at just a few.

Joan of Arc (1412 -31)

From the age of 13 it was documented that Joan of Arc had visions and voices talking to her, she later knew these were heavenly messages, naming one of the messengers St Michael. At 16 she received messages that she needed to meet with the French Dauphin, whose troops were loosing control of the country to the English. She received a vision that the town of Orleans would be taken by the English, a few days later her vision can true.

Joan predicted many events that came true in her short life including that she would herself get injured and would be taken captive by the English. Whilst in captivity she told her captors that in less than 7 years they would lose something very important to them. In 6 years and eight months the English lost Paris to the french. Joan did not see this prediction come true as soon after she was captured by the English she was burned at the steak for heresy. Joan always maintained that her visions and voices were her Angels.

J.R.R Tolkien (1892 – 1973)

Tolkien had a hard life, he lost both his parents at a young age and was passed around from relatives to a foster home. He met his wife and they had 4 children and despite hardship he built a loving family home.  He created stories which included wizards, elves, fairies and a strange underground creature called a hobbit.  The inspiration came to him suddenly whist working in his study, the words in a ‘hole in the ground lived a hobbit.’  These words inspired him to write stories which he called The Hobbit, which was publish in 1937.

One of his sons Christopher was a delicate child and suffered a heart condition that made him a poorly teenager. He was very close to his father and when world war 2 broke out Christoper was called to join the air force, the two communicated regularly and shared their emotions and beliefs in heaven and guardian Angels. Tolkien was worried about his sons safety and prayed constantly for his sons safe return. One November afternoon Tolkien had a vision, in this vision he saw a divine light source that connected to all humans to God and each soul had its own guardian Angel. His visions gave him comfort until his son returned home and they continued to write stories together and in the mid 1950’s The Lord of the Rings was published.

Tolkien always remembered that November day that gave him inspiration and that guardian Angels exist for all of us.

William Blake (1757 – 1827)

At the age of 10 Blake had his first vision of Angels that inspired his poetry. Blake had many visions over the years and may have also communicated with spirts.

Even though Blake came from poverty his parents encouraged his visions and helped him become a painter. He then decided to train as an engraver and at the age of 30 he changed engraving forever by inventing illuminated printing, which he revealed as coming to him in a vision from his late brother Robert. This enabled both text and pictures to be displayed together on one plate for printing. Blake then went on to illustrate both his own work and work of others.

Although Blake didn’t receive much recognition in his life time, and was buried in a paupers grave, Blake had the help of his angels and his work will never be forgotten. He is most famous for his poetry and wrote some of the best known poetry in the English language.

These are just a few historic figures that worked with Angels, some others include St Frances of Assisi, George Washington and George Fredrick Handle.

I hope this has given you some insight into the works of Angles throughout history and shows that Angels can come to us in many forms.

You don’t need to be religious to work with angels

Angles and Religion


I wanted to make it very clear that although Angels feature in many religious texts including the bible, the Qur’an, the Kabalah and other religious texts that you do not need to follow any religious believes to work with or hear or see angels. Angels are non-denominational and are happy to work with anyone that calls upon them for help and guidance.

Angels will work with you sending their love and guidance whether you are atheist, Catholic, Buddhist,  Jewish, Christian, Spiritual etc, they really don’t mind what your belief system is.

So lets have a look through religious history to see where Angels have shown up(we will look at angels in history a bit later). Throughout history Angels have appeared in many different forms including as winged creatures, humans and spirits.

The Bible

Angels appeared first appeared in the bible in the book of Genesis but probably the most remembered story is the Angel Gabriel visiting Mary to tell her of the arrival of the Son of God. There are many other mentions of Angels, up to about 300, throughout both the new and old testaments. Angels were very present throughout the life of Jesus from his birth to his assention in the new testament.

The Qur’an

Angels are very present in the Islamic tradition one such story is that the prophet  Mohammed was visited by Arch Angel Gabriel where he was told that the angels were mediums between heaven and earth.


Buddhists don’t believe in one creator they believe in reincarnation but Angels are still present and are called bodhisattvas.

Shamanic Traditions

in shamanic cultures Angels are seen as mystical birds, but they can also show in human form.

As you can see Angels have appeared in many different believe systems and i haven’t gone into too much detail here as you can find out more about the history of angels within your own believe system. Whatever your belief system is you can work with these loving celestial beings to bring joy, love and happiness into your life, but remember we have free will and they will not step in unless you ask them too.

The Archangels


The archangels are the angels closest to earth and are the managers of guardian angels and they are one of the 9 choirs of angles. They are much larger and more powerful than angels. Each of the archangels has a special job to do, they are an expert in their field.  The archangels do not have earthly bodies and do not have genders although their characteristics and specialties can give their energies either male or female personas.  Is not know exactly how many archangels there are but we will look at some of the better known archangels a bit later.

The word archangel is derived from the Greek word archi which means first, principle or cheif and angelos which means messenger of God, so the archangels are the principle messengers of God.

Archangels can be called on at anytime and can help many people simultaneously. So never worry about calling the archangels to help they are never too busy and nothing is to trivial for them, they are waiting for you to call on them for their help and guidance.

As archangels and guardian angels do not have physical bodies they will appear to us in the form we expect to see them, that is, if we expect to see them as beautiful angels with human bodies, wings and halos that is how they will present themselves to us. They would never want to scare us and will only show themselves if they believe we are ready to see them. That is not to say they are not around us, they will communicate with us in different ways. You may see them as flashes of coloured lights around you, each of the colours relating to a different angel, or a bright white light. They may communicate though your thoughts and ideas, your intuition and gut feelings, you may even hear them speak, or feel their presents around you, you may feel a hug or change of temperature when they are around. Just because you dont physically see them with your eyes does not mean they are not there, it may just mean your not ready to see them yet.

So lets have a look at these amazing celestial beings in more detail. we will start with Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael

Archangel MichaelArchangel Michael is probably one of the best known archangels, some consider him to be the leader of the archangels, he is often seen as a man with a sword  and a shield or lance in his hand and is know as the warrior angel. Archangel Michael is the angel of protection, courage, strength, truth and integrity. He is always ready with his army of angels to assist anyone that calls upon him.With his sword, he can cut the ties that bind us to unhealthy people or things in our lives that we no longer need. Call on Michael for protection, releasing fear, doubt and negativity, and for strength and illumination. He is also called upon for prosperity and abundance. You can also call upon Archangel Michael to help fix anything mechanical or electrical.

Archangel Michael is one of the tallest archangels and he speaks to us with a strong, deep voice and no nonsense approach, he gets straight to the point. His name means ‘who is like god’ . Michael oversees the weather, agriculture (crops) and the entire natural world. .

Archangel Michael is ruled by the Sun and the element of fire. His direction is the South, his season is summer and his day is Sunday. His flower is the Marigold and he rules over the zodiac signs of Leo, Sagittarius and Aries.

Archangel Michael’s colors include gold, yellow, orange and cobalt blue .

Scents associated with Archangel Michael are chamomile, frankincense, rosemary and sage.

The crystals linked to Archangel Michael are Sugilite, Tigers eye, Aquamarine, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Amber, Golden Topaz and Clear Quartz

When to call on Archangel Michael


Archangel Michael  protects us both physically, emotionally and psychically, you can call on him for help with any situation where you feel you need his protection. Here are just a few situations to give you an idea.

  • your car breaks down at night and you feel your safety it at risk (you can also ask him to fix the car as well as protect you).
  • anytime you feel unsafe
  • if you are going on a long car journey
  • if you feel you and your family need protection you can ask him to put a cloak of protection on you all.
  • if you are under psychic attack
  • if you are being abused

If you feel you are bound to someone else, for example an ex-partner and that person wont let you go, you can ask Michael to cut the cords and binds that keep you together. This can also work if you have spent time with someone needed and they are attached to your energy, you can ask Michael to cut the cords.


Archangel Michael give us the courage to face any situation, no matter how big or small. Here are some ideas on the things you can ask Archangel Michael for help with.

  • if you have an addiction.
  • if you wish to change your life direction.
  • if you are under mental strain.
  • if you feel that life is not worth living.
  • if you need to make big changes in your life (job, career, family, relationships etc) he will give you the courage to take the steps need to make the change.

Truth and integrity

Archangel Michael helps us be who we really are, he helps us be true to ourselves, what we believe in and our true nature without compromising our integrity. Here are some ideas on how he can help us.

  • if  you are in denial about anything and you are unable to accept the truth.
  • if you find it hard to tell the truth.
  • if you are in a relationship that is not in your best interest and find it hard to accept.
  • if you go along with what others say or tell you to do because you can’t be honest about how you feel.

These are just a very few ideas of how Archangel Michael can help you. Don’t worry about calling on Archangel Michael for help, he is always there ready and waiting to help us, by calling on him you will not be stopping him from helping someone else, he can help many people all at the same time.

Some ideas on how to call upon Archangel Michael,

Sit down in a quiet space or by your angel altar, with your eyes closed and clear your mind, take some deep breaths to relax you, when you feel calm and relaxed try one of the following affirmations, repeat it 3 times.

  • Archangel Michael, protect me from all harm.
  • Archangel Michael, give me the courage to deal with this situation.
  • Archangel Michael, please cut the cords and binds that attach me to  ………
  • Archangel Michael, please help me.

These are just a few ideas, please feel free to make your own. The more you use these affirmations on a regular basis the easier it will become to connect with Archangel Michael. Just wait and see what happens. Some people experience immediate results, for others it may take a little while, be patient.