The Transformational Power of Tarot

Tarot is so much more than a tool for prediction. Tarot is a tool for empowerment, growth, transformation, coaching, creativity, business planning, personal insight and so much more.

By using Tarot we can gain greater insight, clarity, and freedom in our lives. Tarot takes us on a journey, a journey of self-discovery. It maps out our lives and the cycles and aspects of life we must all go through. It tells us of the lessons we must learn in order to move forward. Tarot is a tool for unlocking the subconscious mind and bringing thoughts and feelings into conscious awareness so that we can use this information to either put things into action or to let them go and move forward.

Tarot will guide you on your journey with clear insight, guidance and clarity. It will help you to become aware of what you need to focus on, let go of, learn, put into action. Tarot can also help you to identify blocks and limiting beliefs, patterns and habits that are holding you back, fears that keep you stuck. Tarot is the most powerful tool for transformation that I know of.


Let’s look at how the Major Arcana can help us:

The Fool opens us up to new journeys of self-discovery

The Magician supports us in manifesting our big goals and dreams

The High priestess connects us to our higher self and our intuition

The Empress teaches us to love and nurture ourselves and the planet

The Emporer teaches us about rules, regulations and order

The Hierophant is our teacher

The Lovers align us to our best selves, the Universe and unconditional love.

The Chariot guides us on our path

Strenght gives us strength and courage

The Hermit reminds us that we already have the answers – we simply need to go within

The Wheel of fortune guides us through the cycles of life, the ups and downs

Justice connects us to the source of truth

The Hanged man offers an alternative perspective

Death supports our transformation

Temperance bring us balance and integration

The Devil highlights our dependencies

The Tower reveals all and shatters limiting beliefs

The Star offers hope and faith in the Universe

The Moon connects us to our subconscious mind

The Sun shines the light of consciousness on our shadow selves

Judgement enlightens us and allows us to let go and forgive

The World is completion

Once we have been through the whole journey we start again, but this time if we have learned the lessons from the past, let go of all that isn’t serving us and understood everything our journey has given us we can start a new journey with confidence, understanding, freedom and openness.

I use Tarot daily to guide both myself and my clients forward in business. Looking at every area of your business with Tarot will not only give you clarity, guidance and insight it will give you freedom to make informed choices.

If you would like to know how Tarot can guide you forward in your business and you are committed to growing your business I would love to talk to you. Click on the picture to book your Free 45 minute clarity call.

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Tarot’s Suit of Pentacles and Money

Christmas is looming and it is a time that we spend way too much money, leaving us with debts to pay off long after the holiday season is over.

Are you generally an overspender putting more and more debt on credit cards, store cards etc?

Then the suit of Pentacles can help you.

Although each card in the Tarot (from Major Arcana to the suits of Cups and Swords) can offer insight and advice on resolving your money issues, the suit of Pentacles is focused on money, possessions, home and wealth.

Suit of Pentacles – Money Lessons and Advice


1pAce of Pentacles –May represent the beginning of new investments or the willingness to undertake a new business venture. There is also the possible indication of a legacy or influx of money from an unexpected source. The Ace of Pentacles heralds a feeling of prosperity and abundance and should be accepted joyfully. It is a very positive card in general.

Aces are all about planting those seeds that – when nurtured well – will turn into something precious and valuable,

What to do: start a savings plan, even if you just invest a little every month. Spending money on a training course will pay off if it enhances your skills and you can apply it in your work or business. Invest money.

What to avoid: risky investments, get rich quick schemes, spontaneous purchases and reckless spending you won’t have anything to show for later.

2pTwo of Pentacles –a card of good time management and financial management, ensuring that your bills are paid on time, that you keep a record of all your appointments and daily commitments, etc. It may sound tedious having to focus your attention on these more mundane issues but this card reminds you that sometimes getting on top of your daily affairs is as important as pursuing your broader life goals.

What to do: be ruthless and cut out any unnecessary spending. Identify areas in your spending pattern, where money just leaks away without you noticing. Take time to make an income and expenditure sheet.

What to avoid: getting into debt; ignoring financial warning signs, hoping for the best.

3pThree of Pentacles –Effective planning, management and organisation of your money and financial commitments are key components of the Three of Pentacles. This card therefore, reflects a time when it is essential to create a detailed plan and to follow it. If you need to spend money on a project, your home or your business, invest wisely.

What to do: invest your money into something, that restores and increases value. Focus on your living or work space, where you spend a lot of your time. Upcycling, e.g. furniture and old soft furnishings. If you invest in your business, seek professional advice. Focus on quality.

What to avoid: cutting corners to save time and money; this won’t pay off in the long-term.

4pFour of Pentacles –Although this card shows a practical and financially stable person, it often indicates possessiveness, greed and an overly cautious approach to life. You may be afraid to take risks, both financially and emotionally for fear of losing everything that you have attained so far. As a result, you may be vaguely unhappy and unfulfilled.

It’s good to be in control and be careful with your spending, but sometimes it’s not so good to skimp, especially on necessary repair bills, essential foods and clothing. You can enjoy life and have a good time without blowing all your life savings.

What to do: re-evaluate your savings and spending pattern and make some adjustments

What to avoid: high-risk investments; putting all your money in one basket; depriving yourself (and loved ones) of luxury you can easily afford

5pFive of Pentacles –The Five of Pentacles indicates difficulty with your relationship to money and material things. If money becomes the primary motivating force in life and the gauge by which you judge your worth, the lack of it may produce anxiety and a sense of being excluded from the good things money can provide. For example, if you are unfortunate enough to encounter financial difficulties such as the loss of employment or an investment gone belly-up, you may fall into the trap of losing faith in your ability to recreate a positive financial situation for yourself. Therefore, you should not only consider your actual financial circumstances are but also your attitudes and beliefs toward money. What fears do you have around money and wealth? Are you anxious about never having enough, or do you have faith in your ability to manifest what you need to live a prosperous, fulfilled life no matter what your circumstances? Often wealth is based as much on your psychological state as your actual financial state.

What to do: reduce your spending to the bare essentials; review your remaining assets; consider selling some of your possessions, but also explore how you can make money using the knowledge and skills you have. Ask for professional advice and help, if you have debts or lost your job. Work on your money blocks and limiting beliefs.

What to avoid: isolation and trying to fix your money problems all by yourself; ask for the help you need and are entitled to. Money blocks and blaming others.

6pSix of Pentacles –You are in harmony with your money. The amount that comes in and the amount that flows out are in balance, and you are thankful for what you have without being grasping of it, and happy to share with others in need. 

What to do: repay a debt to stop it from growing. Offer financial help, if you can afford it. Consider donating to and buying from charity shops to support good causes. If you are entitled to benefits, apply for them.

What to avoid: don’t let your generosity be exploited; watch out for cons, who appeal to your kindness. Borrowing money, increasing credit card debt.

7pSeven of Pentacles – Money keeps trickling in steadily, you are reaching the end of a difficult period of financial or material difficulty and you are now experiencing the rewards of hard work and effort.

What to do: find new ways to add an additional income stream. Invest in a business venture you are keen to work on, but don’t give up your day job yet. Make sure you always have your basic living costs covered. Start a new savings plan in addition to the ones you already have.

What to avoid: rash decisions and indecisiveness. Take your time exploring opportunities, but don’t ponder on them forever or you might miss them.

8pEight of Pentacles –The Eight of Pentacles is the encouragement to keep doing what you are doing as it will eventually lead to success. Yes, it requires a lot of dedication, focus and patience but as each day passes and as you stay true to your values and beliefs, you get a little closer to your goal. It may not be as apparent as you may like but events are unfolding that will lead you to the right path. Continue working on yourself, too, and making ongoing improvements and adjustments to ensure that you are the best person you can be.

What to do: invest in learning a new skill or enhancing an existing one, it can help you demand a higher salary in the future without working your socks off. Applying for funding for a business project or further studies.

What to avoid: cashing in a savings plan prematurely. Making major financial changes.

9p Nine of Pentacles – is about enjoying the good life and the fruits of your labour. You have worked hard to get here, so now, sit back and relax and enjoy some of life’s luxuries. You deserve it! Do not be afraid to splurge, indulge or pamper yourself, particularly if it is a reward for all of your hard work. Treat yourself to something special.Trust your instincts in money matters; you tend to be on the right track. Investments in land and property are likely to offer an excellent return in the future. Good money management gives you a feeling of abundance and stability.

What to do: reap the rewards of your hard work and enjoy the good life without going overboard. Maintain and nurture what you have. You may not lack anything now, but ensure you won’t lack anything in the future. Focus on self-reliance and financial independence.

What to avoid: complacency and recklessness with money.

10pTen of Pentacles – is a card of affluence and wealth. You are blessed with material abundance and are now free from any sort of money troubles. You feel financially secure and you are fortunate enough to have luck and success on your side to ensure your financial reserves are high. Create a legacy and ensure you and your family are taken care of.

What to do: If you are due a payout on any policy, consider re-investing it to build on what you have already gained.  Sell anything that has no sentimental value to them if they just collect dust in the attic. Invest money into to savings and investments.

What to avoid: becoming a slave to your debts and material possessions or being too attached to material things. Hoarding rather than selling.

My top tip for improving your money situation:

Track your money daily, incoming and outgoing so that you have an exact record of where your money is going. This way you can identify careless spending and make adjustments.

By writing down each and every expenditure, you gain control and make better decisions on where and what you spend your money on.

Using the Pentacles for advice on finances.

Simply remove the ten pentacle cards from your deck, shuffle them and draw a card. What information does it give you regarding your finances?                                            What actions should you take?

Get on top of your money issues, take charge and start creating abundance with the Tarot.

Warmest Wishes,


Tarot for empowerment and growth

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My Journey with the Tarot – The Chariot

21d475bde6f3ee82a0e013d5f275141a (1)Today’s card is the chariot and I am excited to see what this card has in store for me today. The chariot is all about opposing forces, drive, ambition and control.

The Chariot is telling me it is time to assert myself and to be bold, to be confident, to epress my needs and wants. And most importantly to have faith in myself, my beliefs and what I stand for, which we saw in the Lovers card yesterday.

I have arrived at a crossroads, there are two different paths ahead of me and the opposing forces are trying to pull me in two different directions. My emotions are heightened as I try to take control of where it is I am headed.  The path is being lit for me and intuitively I know where I need to go. Focus and determination will enable me to take full control and it is time for me to start moving in the right direction which will ultimately lead me to success.

I must focus on the task at hand so that I can finish the projects I am working on. I am ready for any challenges that come my way, my strength and willpower will move them out of the way for me.

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My journey with the Tarot – The lovers

543e447e8a99d6d2ae0e65e718ac32c9It is day 6 on my new journey through the Tarot and my card today is the Lovers. The lovers symbolise change, relationships, free will, and duality.

It is time for me to get clear about my belief systems, my values and what is important to me. It is time for me to make a stand, to stand up for what I believe in, genuinely and authentically.

I need to look at the choices and decisions that surround me, I have been in two minds recently about what I really want to focus on. The decisions I need to make are important and significant, it is time for me to choose my path. The universe is guiding me and protecting me, even though I don’t always feel it. Divine guidance is available for me but if I don’t make some decisions soon I know the universe will make them for me!

I also need to look at relationships, both business, and personal to start building new connections with like-minded people, this I feel is a priority for me right now. One way for me to do this is to be more present in the groups I am in and another is to show up more by doing facebook lives, which I am going to commit to doing every week day.

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My journey with the Tarot – The Emperor

27d58da14e3ab02c02f79b0a80137bd1--marchetti-the-emperorIt’s day 5 of my journey with the Tarot and today I am working with the Emperor. The Emperor is all about discipline, law and order, action and drive, power, courage, inspiration, determination, passion and survival.

The Emperor is definitely giving me some clear messages and guidance today and I have some work to do! I am going to focus on my business with this card today and here is a list of some of the things the Emperor is asking me to do:

  1. Set an ambitious goal or target; dream big, create a clear vision and build a vision of where I want to be. – Although my vision board around work is complete I feel I need to relook at it, add to it and get more specific with where I want to be.

2. Put my plans into action and persevere. – I need to make a new schedule

3. Stand up for myself; don’t let others control or intimidate you – I will look for any areas where I need to stand up for myself more

4. Re-organise my workspace, team or business to improve efficiency and productivity. – I definitely need to do this,  my new room will be finished in a couple of weeks and I will have a new workspace, desk and storage.

5. Focus on logic, reason and left-brain thinking – I am a Pisces, this is a hard one!

6. Find my career niche, the place where your skills are recognised and in demand, and where you can make a difference – Although I have my niche and ideal client there is always more work that can be done.

7. Look at the bigger picture – Will work with my vision board

8. View an obstacle as a challenge rather than a problem – Always!

9. Be authentic and true to yourself rather than trying to fit in with other people’s ideals and expectations – This is something that I am continually working with.

By working with the Emperor today I have gained some clear insight on what I need to focus on.

Please follow me to see how my journey continues and check out my other social media platforms.

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My journey with the Tarot – The Empress

fb9f235cbb8e0b9b282b80f22b8d6499It’s day 4 on my new journey with the Tarot and today’s card is the Empress. The Empress is very much about self-love and self-care, connecting with nature, fertility, and birth.

Life has been incredibly hectic recently and I definitely need some time to chill! Between constant visitor and the house build, I haven’t really had any time to my self recently. I always recommend my clients have an hour a day to themselves, to do something that will re-energise them, revitalise and relax them and it is definitely time I took my own advice!

The Empress encourages us to connect with nature and mother earth and although it is easy to do that here as we are surrounded by nature making time to do that is now important. When we allow ourselves to truly experience the connections with mother earth, our femininity and those around us we create abundance and radiance in our lives. Connection with others is important for me right now too.

It is also time for me to bring into reality all the ideas I have around the business and to implement them. The Empress brings the energy of fulfillment, success, and abundance.


Please follow me to see how my journey continues and check out my other social media platforms.

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My journey with the Tarot – The High Priestess

7cdb5bc1ac043c924c723af7bd189491 (1)It is day 3 of my journey with the Tarot and today’s card is the High Priestess. She is all about knowledge, wisdom, spiritual enlightenment and feminine energy.

As I gaze at this card I am drawn to the hidden knowledge that has yet to surface. I am asking her to shed light on all that am I not yet aware of. This information will come to me through my intuition, daydreams, dreams or de-ja-vu and it is important that I pay attention to my own inner voice. I know I would benefit greatly right now by spending time in silence or meditation and to listen to get the answers I seek. I know that I need to take the time to re-connect to my higher-self as this is also a time of learning and inner knowledge.

It is time for me to seek out my own truth. To put logic and intellect to one side. The answer I need will be felt, rather than seen.

There is a lot of potential for growth and creativity around me but they need refining and a clear plan of action is needed.

She will bring forward the things I need to deal with in business like paperwork, people to help me, the things that I need will just start to show up for me and she will show me the way forward.

Now is the time to go within, listen and take action.

Please follow me to see how my journey continues and check out my other social media platforms.

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My journey with the Tarot – The Magician

the_magicianIt is day two of my journey with the Tarot and today’s card is the magician. He is all about power, will, confidence, communication and manifestation.

It is time for me to take control of my destiny and to take more action with the things that I really want. When I put my mind to it I can manifest the things I truly desire like my soulmate and my dream house but I have been reluctant to get really specific in my business. I want to offer all my expertise to as many clients as I can but I know I need to streamline and focus on just a few things and take action on these things.

It is time for me to transform myself and my business, to get specific and to get focused. I know I need to have a clearer far-reaching vision, to communicate my vision clearly and to think more about the bigger picture.

With the powers of the universe on my side, I can not only empower myself but others too. The magician brings me the power to stay aligned with my truth and to lead by example.

I have the power, focus, tools, skills and resources to create success in everything I do and by using a can-do attitude and taking action I will achieve success.

The power of success lays in my hands, or rather my thoughts as it is our thoughts that create our reality.

It is a great time for me to make changes and act on opportunities as they arise. By focusing on the task at hand and eliminating distractions I can connect to the creative powers that surround me.

Now is the time to make a real commitment to what is most important to me!

Please follow me to see how my journey continues and check out my other social media platforms.

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My journey with the Tarot – The Fool

legacy-divine-07345And so my journey begins. A whole new exciting energy is surrounding me as I go deep into this journey. I know where I want it to lead me but the uncertainty excites me as I dig deep into what the fool wants to tell me.

It is a new cycle, a rebirth, I am free to go wherever this journey takes me. The journey is full of pure potential, freedom and light. The excitement of not knowing what will happen as I take a leap of faith into the unknown and uncharted territories.

An adventure lies before me and I know this journey will be full of opportunities, new experiences and personal growth.  I am free to take any of them. My will and determination for change are hightened, it is time to step out from behind the mask and be true and authentic as I take my first, exciting steps forward in anticipation of what this journey will bring.

Each day will bring me a new adventure and anything can happen! I will live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment. The journey may be unpredictable at times but I am free, innovative, impulsive and original.

The sands of time are on my side, however, it is time to move forward, to take that leap of faith and not waste another moment. It is time to accomplish new goals and desires (at least start to work towards them).

My instincts will guide me on this journey of self-discovery, self-development and optimism.

I trust and believe in my self and the journey the universe is taking me on.


Please follow me to see how my journey continues and check out my other social media platforms.

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A New Journey With Tarot

I have been drawn to go on a whole new journey with Tarot and to document it to help others. My aim with this journey is to go really deep into the Tarot and myself, to learn and grow even more and to give my readings far more depth than ever before. But first and foremost this journey is about me!


I have been using Tarot for over 10 years and have been a professional reader for about 10 years. I started my professional career with Tarot with Psychic Today and since then I have honed my skills, refocused my area of expertise and read for hundreds and hundreds of people.

I want my readings to give so much more than predictions and in the last year, I have combined my coaching skills with my readings to give clarity and guidance to my clients but also a clear action plan of what they can do next to give them the success they crave.

This is where my talent lies and my feedback has been excellent especially for my Soul Client Readings and my Business breakthrough Sessions. But I want to offer my clients even more so it is time for me to take a whole new journey, to document and to teach what I am learning along the way.

So a new journey begins today!