How I used my Tarot cards to identify and understand my soul client

I have been using Tarot and Oracle cards in my business for a good few years and have been teaching Tarot both privately and through my online course.

As I expand my business I am changing the kind of clients I want to work with. So today I thought I would do a Soul Client reading for myself and here are my results:

What kind of person is she?

6w She believes in who she is and the work she is doing. She is focused on building her personal brand and reputation. She is successful and has gained some public recognition and possibly rewards for the work she has already done and is looking to build on that success and up-level her business. She has harnessed her strengths and talents in order to gain success and is able to focus on the task at hand. She is focused and driven when she has a clear plan.


What is she looking for?

1cupsShe is looking for a deeper connection with herself and others. She wants to express herself more authentically and creatively. She has been through various traumas in her life and she is now ready to learn from the lessons, grow and forgive to enable her to re-align with her authenticity.

She is looking to connect with her soul clients on a deeper level and is ready to let go of unfulfilling clients without fear of guilt.



What makes her happy?

9pShe enjoys the fruits of her labour, success, money, freedom, leisure time and comfort and she is willing to work hard for them.

She likes to reward and pamper herself and enjoys life’s luxuries.




What does she really want?


Success, radiance and abundance. She want to work with passion, happiness, joy and ease. She is looking to grow her business both in terms of money and success.

She wants to build sound business practices and wants to use universal forces to help her so is open to using mindset practices, law of attraction and her intuition.




What is she afraid of?

failure-card-wanda-virgoShe is afraid to fail and loose credibility. She is afraid that if she changes the kind of clients she wants to work with and lets go of the clients that no longer nourish her soul that she could fail.

She has a tendency to negatively invest in the outcome of her new projects, bringing her blockages to deal with.

She needs to let go of the outcomes and learn that failure is just an opportunity to learn and grow.


What is standing in her way

towerHer own insecurities stand in her way. Something has shaken her foundations and this is making her question her core beliefs, values, perceptions, behaviours and how she is showing up in the world.

She is going through an awakening and is starting to realise that she needs to get out of her own way, stand in her own power, be who she truly is in order for her to gain the freedom and success she is looking for.



What keeps her up at night?

kwShe is impatient and impulsive, when she gets a new idea or starts a new project she wants to act on it immediately. She wants her business to be a success but is in a rush to get there, and does not always have a clear plan of action.

She is having her own internal battles with her intuition and ego. She is intuitive but often lets her head take over. Things may look good on paper but if they don’t feel right they are not going to work the way she wants them to.

Overthinking, being impatient, worry, and doubt keep her up at night.


What are her biggest struggles?

2pLife is not in balance, she doesn’t always focus on the things she is passionate about or her priorities. She is juggling life and emotions and sometimes she doesn’t know what to focus on. She struggles to with being clear about what is important to her, her priorities  and where to invest her time and energy.

Time management and financial management are her biggest struggles at this point.




Tarot can give you so much guidance in your business. If you would like a soul client reading or to find out how my tarot and intuitive business readings can help your business please message me.





7 Reasons every entrepreur needs an intuitive reading

An Intuitive reading can give entrepreneurs some amazing benefits for their businesses. Intuitive readings give entrepreneurs a deeper understanding of and clarity about their business, its direction, needs, benefits, power, and true essence. More and more entrepreneurs are getting smart, getting guidance and clarity to help them move their business forwards and getting ahead in business by having an intuitive readings. Here are seven reasons why.


1.  An intuitive reader isn’t attached to you or your business. Their only concern is helping you and your business move forwards and succeed. Because they are detached from you, they are unafraid of what you think, so will tell you the absolute truth. An intuitive reader will point the way forwards objectively and wisely to help you gain clarity about where your business is now, where you would like your business to be and how to get there.

2. Every entrepreneur needs to have a clear focus, clear priorities, and clear goals set around their business. A good intuitive reader will see what’s important, what needs focusing on and if the goal is valid. She won’t care or be bogged down about of the little details.  An intuitive reader gets to the heart of the matter, which gives every entrepreneur greater clarity into their top priority for their business’s success.

3. An intuitive reader doesn’t have any hang-ups or pre conceptions about your business . An intuitive reader will see what is going on around your business including problems and possibilities and will help guide you through them. An intuitive reader’s main concern is your business’s success, and she will honestly share all options, possibilities and opportunities and will help you to get strategies and an action plan in place.

4. I always know I’ve given a great intuitive reading when my client says, “I knew that.” A good intuitive reader will show you all the opportunities and possibilities, but she will also validate your gut instincts and thought patterns.  An intuitive reading will give you that nudge you need to help you to build a successful business. In addition, an intuitive reading gives you greater confidence, affirming your own intuition for your business’s success.

5. In an intuitive reading, entrepreneurs are reminded that their gut instincts are always right. And during a reading they are also receiving encouragement, which helps to build their self confidence, self worth and self esteem. An intuitive reader, cares only about what is best for you and your business. A good intutive reader will give ideas, guidance and tools to help you to succeed.

6. After an intuitive reading, you’re ready, keen and excited. Your mission  and your goals are clear, you know where you are taking your business and what it means for you to be successful. After a good intuitive reading, you’ll will also have a very clear idea of how you connect with your company and you will be in alignment with your business. When entrepreneurs are in alignment with their business, success is easier and quicker to achieve.

7. Getting an intuitive reading will help you to be clear about what your purpose is and the purpose of your business. An intuitive reading will highlight your priorities and give you an action plan to help you to Put them into place. With an intuitive reading, you can move forward with confidence and power. An intuitive reading helps entrepreneurs get out of their heads and stops them get caught up in mental ping pong between ideas and options for weeks at a time. Which results in delays and procrastination.

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What is an intuitive reading?


Do you have a big decision to make but uncertain how to make the right decision for you?

We all face big decisions on a  regular basis. And for most of us, that results in running all possible outcomes in our heads, overthinking and analysing things over and over again without reaching a decision.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

An intuitive reading can help you with any decisions you need to make by giving you insight and clarity of what is going on around you and the likely outcomes of what will happen if you take different paths around the decision.

During an intuitive reading I will connect to your energy to see where you are now, what blockages and restricting beliefs you are holding on to that are stopping you from moving forwards to where you want to be and I will give you tools to help you release them. I will also look at what is the best outcome for you and what you need to do to make it work for you. You also have the opportunity to ask any questions around different situations and events.

An intuitive reading is a very positive experience and will give you a lot of insight, clarity, guidance and validation which you can use to help you with every situation and event in your life. An Intuitive reading will also help to inspire and motivate you to make changes and move forwards.

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How can a personal intuitive reading help me?

An intuitive tarot reading can help guide and inspire you in so many different ways as well as give validation and clarity that will help you to know you are on the right path.

During a Personal Intuitive reading with me I will tune into your energies to help guide you, inspire you and motivate you to make positive changes around you. At the beginning of a reading I will explain to you exactly how I work, how I pick up on your feelings and how I use  Tarot and oracle cards to help guide you.

What will an intuitive reading give you?

  • Clarity and insight into your life and life purpose
  • Discover where any blocks are holding you back and what to do about them
  • Feel excited, confident and motivated about the next steps in your life
  • Give you an action plan of what to do next
  • Feel at ease, motivated and more confident about where you are going. 
  • Tools to use after our session together to help you make the changes you want and need

During our session together we will work with the areas detailed below. I will use both my intuition and coaching experience to help you gain clarity and insight and help you to plan the next steps in creating your dream life and give you some tools to help you get started.

We will look at:

  • Where you are now
  • What is stopping you from creating change
  • Where you want to be and your life purpose

The session will include looking at your emotions, any negative thought patterns that are holding you back and what actions you can take to help to move you forwards.

The Personal Intuitive reading is all about you, and will pick up on how you feel about yourself and those around you. You will have the opportunity to ask questions that directly relate to you and be fully interactive in this session.

Is an intuitive reading scary or a bit woo woo?

Not at all, my readings are designed to help give you guidance, clarity, and motivation as well as to inspire you and give you an action plan of what you need to do to move your life forwards in a really positive direction that is in line with your life purpose.

Because I offer a lot of practical advice and coaching during my readings they could be viewed as a form of coaching session for your soul, guiding it forwards and teaching you to listen to what it is really telling you.

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