Earthquakes – Round Two

It’s Sunday the 30th October 2016, I am sitting in my office following one of the largest earthquakes Italy has had in recent years. The aftershocks still gently rock the house every now and again. I sit here in disbelieve that all this is happening, people are losing their homes, villages, family and friends in what seems to be a mass clearing for this beautiful country. The devastation seems endless.

The earthquakes started here on the 24th August 2016, 4 weeks after we moved here from the UK, and at the time that earthquake was the biggest, the aftershocks continued for weeks. Italy was just starting to heal from this devastating quake that took many lives, home and villages. Just as we were starting to sleep a little easier another series of Earthquakes starts.

Wednesday the 26th October we all sit down for dinner, we had barely started to eat when the house started shaking, “outside” I instructed everyone as the shaking continued. We sat outside in disbelief that another earthquake had struck so close to the August quake. Surely this couldn’t be happening again! After a while my partner checked the house over, no damage thank goodness. Our Earthquake app informed us it was a 5.7 strength quake. We sat in the garden talking and messaging our Italian friends to check they were all ok. That evening there were a few larger quakes and many aftershocks, 6.1, 4.3, 4.9, 4.0, 4.3 and  4.6. Our car was packed with essentials, water, coats and blankets.

We didn’t get much sleep on Wednesday evening and as we went into Thursday things calmed down, just a few after shocks rocking the house here and there. Life was continuing as normal, like this was a normal event to happen to us. Our builder turned up at 8am as he did every morning to work on our roof.

Aftershocks continued on Friday and Saturday and were becoming less frequent and less powerful. We carried on with the building work as if nothing was happening.

7.20 AM this morning we were woken up by the biggest, loudest earthquake we had ever experienced, “everybody out” I yelled as the house shock violently, dirt and rubble falling from the roof. The house was shaking so violently that my daughter couldn’t unlock the front door, she couldn’t grab hold of the key to turn it and let us all out. The noise was indescribable. When we did all get outside, we all let out a deep breath, quietly sitting in disbelief that yet another earthquake had torn through this part of Italy. We all knew that the power of that earthquake would have caused a lot of devastation, injury and probably loss of lives. We are not sure what the strength of this earthquake was, it started out at 7.1 but was reduced to 6.8 and some other figures were given as well. For us and for Italy another devastating earthquake had rocked an already fragile county.

The aftershocks of this quake came thick and fast, and are still rocking our little farmhouse as I write this. We expect the aftershocks to continue for days.  We have been very luck that we have not had any serious damage to our house or ourselves. I pray that this is an end to the earthquakes in Italy for a very long time to come.


Italy, Us and the Earthquake!

90923360_quakemap-14 weeks ago my family and I moved to Montappone, Marche, Central Italy to our dream home, well I say dream home, we have a lot of work to do!
Yesterday in the early hours of the morning my Daughter and I were woken up to the house shaking, plaster and rubble falling from the ceiling and the most awful noise. We were completely alone, our nearest neighbour is about a 5 min drive away and my partner was in the UK.
We ran outside, in complete shock, was that an earthquake?? What on earth do we do now! We just sat in the garden not knowing what to do, I decided it would be a good idea to move the car in case we needed to stay in it, it was under a massive walnut tree.
Then the aftershocks started to hit, they were no where near as bad but the fear they were going to be big ones was terrifying us.
As daylight broke we decided to go into my daughter’s room as it is in the one story part of the house to try to get some sleep, but the odd aftershocks were still coming. The last aftershock we felt was at 5.17am this morning, 15 hours after the initial earthquake.
Aftershocks are still happening at this time across central Italy. A complete town has been wiped out. Two other towns have been virtually demolished.  The casualties so far are 250 dead and over 300 injured, many people are still missing. The death toll is still rising. Hundreds of people have lost their homes, friends and families.
I will be donating 20% of all my readings/coaching to the relief effort in Italy, to help provide shelter and food to the survivors of this awful earthquake.